divendres, 11 de maig de 2012





Our education has changed in the last few years.
Before when I was a child  education was based on traditional methodology. The teacher was the only person who had all the knowledge and authority in the classroom. The children were passive students. They didn’t have any opportunity to ask anything about their opinions, thoughts and feelings. While the teacher was giving the lesson the children were quiet and calm.
Many studies have shown that children learn through their own activity. Different methodologies are used to guide learning.
 Children have to have the opportunity to make a lot of mistakes and learn for themselves. They have to express their individuality in every moment of his learning and in all their life.
 Teachers become the most important guides of pupils and lead a new concept of teaching.



I was born in Ibiza. When my family moved to a new neighbourhood outside the town, near Es Canar, where we lived for two years. 
When I arrived in the new neighbourhood, there were a lot of children who lived there.
At the beginning, I didn`t play with them, because I was afraid and I observed them from my window.
Then I started to play with all the children and I made a lot of friends.
I lived there for ten years. When I was thirteen years old I moved to a new house in the country again.
Four years later I went to Barcelona. There I studied psychology   because before I had studied  psychology at high school and I really enjoyed it.
When I finished the course, I returned to Ibiza. And then worked in a lot of different jobs.
At the moment I’m studying to become a teacher. I have a love feeling for education and teaching. I think that we have to work hard for the future of our pupils.  In the future we will have to build a new concept of education.